India pushes global black tea output up

The Hindu and Business Line

Even as Kenya continues to report massive loss in production, the global black tea output has gone up this calendar year because of a significant increase in India.

“According to our compilation of the latest production data received from various producing countries, the global black tea output so far this year has increased to 1,873.37 mkg from 1,869.56 mkg in 2018,” compiler of Global Tea Digest Rajesh Gupta told Business Line.

This marginal increase of 3.81 mkg marked a gain of just 0.20 per cent. The increase would have been higher had it not been for a fall of as much as 29.46 mkg or 8.51 per cent in Kenya where the production dropped to 316.77 mkg from 346.23 mkg due to unfavourable weather condition during most part of this year.

Malawi reported a marginal loss of 0.64 mkg or 1.49 per cent at 42.20 mkg. All other countries produced more, but the significant increase has come from India.

India’s output

“India has produced 1,183.27 mkg against 1,162.01 mkg in 2018, marking an increase of 21.26 mkg or 1.83 per cent,” Rajesh Gupta said.

Here again, the production would have been higher had it not been for a fall of 6.39 mkg or 3.44 per cent in South India where the output dropped to 179.16 mkg from 185.55 mkg due to adverse weather in Tamil Nadu.

North Indian production rose by as much as 27.65 mkg or 2.83 per cent to reach 1004.11 mkg from 976.46 mkg. Collectively, India is heading for a record production this calendar. Producers anticipate the output to reach an all-time high level of 1,360 mkg against 1,339 mkg produced in 2018.

Bangladesh has also helped the global back tea to rise with a significant growth of 18.93 per cent when its production rose to 79.35 mkg from 66.72 mkg. Sri Lanka’s output increased marginally by 0.02 mkg to reach 251.78 mkg.

India topped the global black tea production table with Kenya at a distant second and Sri Lanka third.

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